Who are the Directors?

The directors and founders of HK Institute of Languages are a French couple, Dominique & Christian Chasset. They are both language teaching specialists, with over 35 and 40 years of experience respectively, the last 30 spent in Hong Kong, serving both the local and expatriate community.

Their philosophy is to provide the highest quality tuition, delivered in an inspiring, lively and friendly environment - one conducive to learning and personal enhancement - all under the guidance of professional and conscientious teachers.
Dominique Chasset tells a story of her teacher training days in England, "I had studied English for many years and passed all my exams successfully. However, I had just arrived in England and I found myself on a bus unable to find the right words or phrases to ask the driver to stop where I wanted. I just sat on the bus and went way past my stop! After that I realised that language learning had to be for immediate use rather than simply academic. Practical language and small classes providing extensive opportunity to interact and communicate became part of our philosophy."

To this day they have remained true to their original ideals. "Our main concern is the quality of the service that we deliver. For we believe that what we do today will have an impact and make a real difference in the lives of our students tomorrow. If we just wanted to make money we would have opened a bigger school with larger classes. But from day one we chose quality over quantity and we have never looked back since! Some of our former students went on to great things and we are thrilled that somehow, somewhere, we contributed to that".

Dominique and Christian both received an official award from the French Government: Dominique as a Knight of the Order of the National Merit, and Christian as a Knight of the Order of the Academic Palms.

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