Our History

Since 1985, HK Institute of Languages has been at the forefront of foreign language teaching in Hong Kong.

Established by a French couple, Dominique and Christian Chasset, both highly experienced language teaching specialists, the institute originally started as a French language school.

In setting-up their school, Dominique and Christian followed a strong belief that language should not be treated as a subject but as a means of communication between people, and thus that greater emphasis should be given to active class participation and interaction with the teacher and classmates.

As this could not really be achieved in a large class structure, they started the then innovative 'small class setting of 4-6 students' so as to ensure greater attention to each student and to maximise progress. The Institute quickly gained a strong reputation for quality and professionalism. Over the years, it has expanded its language services to include courses in English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese.

We are pioneers - since 1985

Pioneers in Hong Kong in the field of teaching foreign languages to children and very young children, Dominique and Christian had another strong belief: that language should be learnt sooner rather than later in life. To succeed and defeat the dislike by many secondary school students for their "French" lessons, it was important that the children be put in a situation where they enjoyed their lessons while still at Primary level. Strong believers that writing could always be mastered later on and that grammar should be taught implicitly rather than through rote learning, they put together some pilot classes where the main focus was to 'bring the language to life'. And as no textbook existed to teach French to foreign children at the time, they created their own series of courses for primary school children.

It was an instant success and they were soon contacted by all ESF primary schools throughout the territory to put together an after-school French language programme. As the demand for languages evolved within ESF, so did the diversity of their service which over the years came to include Mandarin, Spanish and German after-school classes.

Also for teens and adults

The range of courses for children, which now extends from 1½ year old, has developed with the years and today HK Institute of Languages is one of the territory's leading providers of quality language instruction for adults, teenagers, and children. We are still the primary after-school language provider at ESF schools, as well as at some other prestigious schools.


Dominique and Christian both received an official award from the French Government: Dominique as a Knight of the Order of the National Merit, and Christian as a Knight of the Order of the Academic Palms.

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