30th Anniversary Cocktail Party @ FCC

On 8 December, we celebrated our 30th Anniversary in the presence of the French Consul General, present & past clients, students, parents, staff and teachers as well as many business partners. We would like to thank everyone for these great 30 years and are looking forward to many more.

The story of the Hong Kong Institute of Languages, is a story of meaningful encounters:

  • First between the two of us - meeting in Hong Kong was totally unexpected, but it was instantly obvious to us that we wanted to live our life together in this wonderful city ; being both teachers, it was also logical that we should open a school ;
  • Then with Mr. Jeuvel, Manager of Société  Générale and with Mr Bourgery, Manager of Crédit Lyonnais - who entrusted us with their staff French training and became our first Corporate clients ;
  • With Ms. Young, Principal of Peak School, Mr. Lambkin, Principal of Bradbury School, Mr. Drummond, Principal of Glenealy School, and many more such as Mr. Davies, Mr. Mahoney, Mr. Lyden... and finally Mr. James Galbraith, Head of Modern Languages at both Island and South Schools - who asked us to set up an extracurricular French programme at their schools ;
  • With the many more Principals and Managers who we had the privilege to work with over the years ;
  • With the many students who enjoyed our teaching and recommended us to their family, friends and colleagues ;
  • With all our partners : Chambers, Consulates, magazines, reporters who have helped us along the way ;
  • With Mr. Allan Zeman, our former landlord who was really kind and helpful to us ;
  • With our current landlord, Dr. Samson Sun, who has shown us great kindness and is always happy to help, in particular we would really like to extend our deepest thanks to him for his kind help with our financial difficulties during SARS ;
  • With our teachers and staff who were part of HKIL over the years and who each contributed to make it what it is now ;
  • With all our friends who have accompanied us on this journey ...

 We thank all of them. And we thank you ! For we could not have made it without you.

And we are deeply honoured and privileged to have shared this wonderful journey with you !

Many thanks again.

cocktail party




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