HK Kidz Language Immersion Courses


This summer holiday, give your child the opportunity to practise and consolidate their language skills through our language and activity immersion programmes available at our Central and Wong Chuk Hang locations. Our programmes are aimed at the acquisition and development of the student’s oral (and written) skills through the stimulation of your child’s imagination and creativity. You can choose our general immersion programme in which your child will be able to develop their language skills and vocabulary through a variety of stimulating activities or opt for any of the following individual workshops:

Creative Writing, Learn-Through-Play, Creative Arts, Little Chef, Language in Action, Toddlers' Actitivity Groups,

Nature & Discovery, Science & Discovery, Cambridge Exam Preparation and Drama. 


Dynamic and full-filled activity workshops are the building blocks of HK Kidz's Language immersion programmes. For example, our Little Chefs Workshop presents fun and interactive ways for children to discover new tastes, flavours and the art and pleasure of cooking. The Creative Arts Workshop engages your child in drawing, painting, collage, pottery and arts & crafts activities. These visual arts activities enable children to make connections between their imaginations and the real world, encouraging them to express their ideas, feelings and experiences. The Nature and Discovery Workshop will introduce your child to the marvels of Mother Nature: Earth, plants, animals, water, seasons. The workshop aims to encourage your child to ask questions like “Where does it come from?”, “Why/How does that happen?”.

These workshops transform your child’s hobbies or interests into a fun educational language lesson enabling them to learn in the most effective way. Enrich your child’s life and put them on the right track to reach their full potential this summer!

2-8 Week Immersion Courses from 29 June – 31 August (3 hours per day)

2 times per week: Tuesday and Thursday

3 times per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

5 times per week: Monday to Friday

 You may click here to join a fixed schedule class or tailor-made a schedule according to your needs. Register before July 18th and receive a free picture dictionary.


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