Our Teaching Approach

Our lively and interactive teaching approach is adapted to the age, level, and specific needs of the students. We employ the 'spiral learning' method, where students have the chance to re-use and reinforce language they have previously learnt. Classes focus on developing students' competence and boosting their confidence in the language.

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Our aim is to make students lessons as interactive, enjoyable and effective as possible.

To achieve this, we....

  • endeavour to use the target language only in the classroom ~ to encourage students to interact with his/her teacher and classmates in the target language;
  • provide students with plenty of guided practice and production opportunities ~ to encourage to participate actively in class and reinforce what has been learnt;
  • use specifically designed lesson plans ~ to meet students special needs and objectives; 
  • use a variety of teaching techniques and materials ~ to stimulate students interest and enthusiasm;
  • offer a supportive and positive learning environment ~ so that students feels safe and comfortable progressively building up his/her self-confidence;
  • employ professional and experienced native speaking teachers only.



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